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An Overview About Us

The Trade Union movement in Ethiopia has history of over six decades. At this time in point, the movement is organized at three levels; namely, at the national level in the form of a Confederation, at the industrial level, in the form of Industrial Federations and at the enterprises level in the form of Basic Trade Unions.

The Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU) is the sole national Trade Center established by nine affiliated Industrial Federations comprising more than 2200 Basic Trade Unions. It has over a million members and is a legally registered national center having eight regional branches throughout the country

CETU’s Major Activities and Services

Organizing and Industrial Relation

The CETU’s primary objective is organizing the workers to protect their rights and interests.

Social and Youth Affairs

Works on social services delivery (health care, education, sport, and cooperatives) in collaboration with pertinent stakeholders and makes follow-up for the fulfillment of the social protection provisions.

Education, Training, Conference and Capacity Building Services

CETU uses for education, training, building capacity, and ensuring a meeting with the leaders of members trade unions.

Gender Equality

Upgrades the participation of women workers in socioeconomic and political affairs of their country in general and in Trade Unions activities at the workplaces.

Legal Services

Through its legal service activities, CETU gets in touch with members and gives advice when members have difficulties at work.

Public and International Relations

Provides information about the Trade Unions movement of Ethiopia to internal and external stakeholders.

Our History

Unite workers for years

The confederation has nine affiliated industrial federations, established by different basic trade unions that work in similar sectors. Namely,

  • Federation of Food, Beverage, Tobacco and Allied Trade Unions,
  • Ethiopian Industrial Federation of Construction, Wood, Metal, Cement and other Trade Unions,
  • National Federation of Energy, Chemical and Mine Trade Unions,
  • Federation of Commerce, Technical, and Printing Industry Trade Unions,

Our Branch Offices

  1. Adama Branch Office
  2. Bahri Dar Branch Office
  3. Dire Dawa Branch Office
  4. Finfinne Branch Office
  5. Hawassa Branch Office
  6. Jimma Branch Office
  7. Kombelicha Branch Office and
  8. Mekelle Branch Office

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